Just Me

This one is my  blog. Little things I’m grateful for, something that made me laugh, a thought provoking line, pictures I like , scenes from my daily life…will all find its way in here!

I’m a gypsy- between personalities, between places…. The voices in my head dictate my mood… And those poignant tones and thoughts generally find their way out through words…sometimes written… I’m constantly on the move, if not physically at least in my head. I believe that not knowing what you want to do in life means you explore a lot more AND I LOVE THE TRIP! Dylan’s quote describes me perfectly: ALL I CAN DO IS BE ME WHOEVER THAT IS. My mind is a home to a million thoughts, questions and opinions. I have a lot of interests and a quicksilver mind. If not given an outlet, my enormously patient family would have an even bigger problem on their hands than just a woman who has an opinion on every issue and doesn’t bother keeping it to herself while being extremely unapologetic about it. Luckily for them, I write.


2 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Hey. I’ve come here after a while and a wondering how you’re doing. Will we see some more great posts from you soon? Hope all is well..


  2. Hey!!! Good to hear from you! I’m good! Just haven’t written anything for a while. Not that my head isn’t bursting with my thoughts!! 😉 Thanks for reminding me that I do have a blog!!!


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