Of wishful thinking

My head feels heavy

But I pep talk myself out of bed.

It’s only the first day.

It’s only for a month, I tell myself.

I can live without you.

But the just the thought of it

makes me want to curl up under the quilt

and not face the day without you.

I think of you and how you make me feel.

How you being here fills my days with possibilities.

Your warmth

Your strength

heck, even your bitterness.

They say you are bad news. Not good for me.

I sit here, my head filled with with thoughts of you

Your essence,

and I wonder how I will face the day without you.

And I find my will power waning.

Screw it! I don’t want to go a month without you.

the very fact that I thought I could was just wishful thinking on my part.

I slowly get out of bed and head to the kitchen

and make myself a cup of my felix felicis.

 A cup of what I consider black gold.

my hug in a mug

And as I sip my cup of coffee

I let go all those stupid ideas of doing a cleanse.

Not giving up coffee for anything.

Thank you very much!


Writing as a part of team Blue Lagoon on the prompt ” Wishful Thinking.”





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