Of a life well lived

She went away one morning

to a place we couldn’t reach

Leaving each of us to grapple

with indescribable grief

We never realized the depth of love

and the effect one person could have

how much we took for granted

our history

our ties

and the people in our lives

the way she brought us all together

the strength of those relationships

bound by love

fragmented because of a lack of trust

Her going made us realize

how fragile our lives are

without the ones we cherish.

that strength and fragility of relationships

were two sides of a coin called love

In death, she bound us stronger

a shared love that brought us closer,

one that made us call and talk to each other more

one that still saw us sharing memories two years since

one that made our circle a little stronger

even though we were so different,

even though we were more prone to disagree than agree on anything.

even though we had hurt each other in the past.

She lives on

through stories.

through the values she passed on.

through the memories that pop up on a random day.

And most of all because she lived a life,

one that will be remembered for her grace

her strength.

and a love that has bound four generations

with something a lot more than just shared bloodlines.



Writing as a part of team Blue Lagoon.


11 thoughts on “Of a life well lived

  1. What a lovely heartfelt poem! I just lost my mom last November and the words resonated so strongly with me. Thanks for sharing your feelings about your loss. I know how you must feel.


    • Thank you Cat. I was just reading your post on sunsets. I wrote this for my grandmom. She passed away two years ago and while we’ve all gotten on with our lives, the grief I think takes its own time. Am sorry to hear about your mom. Hugs.


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