E- Eye of the storm

She stood in the balcony of her 20th floor apartment,
Facing the sea.
Grey skies, strong winds and wild waves.
“A typhoon”, they said.
The eye of the storm was heading toward her city.
What the sea showed on the outside , she felt on the inside.
A sense of restlessness that seemed to grow with every passing second.
A wildness that threatened to disrupt everything.
A feeling that something within her was about to burst.
She didn’t understand why.
She lived a good life.
She had a wonderful job.
She was financially secure.
She was married to a good man whom she loved.
She had friends.

And as she stood there trying to ignore the enormity of what she was feeling , it hit her.

There it was. Her problem. The eye of her storm.
The mind numbing everday-ness of her life.
Was that even a word?
This little feeling of wanting just that little more.
That feeling of having settled for what was comfortable.
Most people did that, didn’t they?

So why did her wonderful life make her want to cry?

Why did everything feel so ordinary?

Why did she feel like she was just about existing?

But it was time to stop the justifications.

Accept what she felt.
Without the guilt preferably.
Walk out of that comfort zone.
Do something.
And as she sat in her balcony, the wind in her hair, she realised that the storm was never about things or the people in your life.  It was about you.

The eye of the storm was always about evolving.


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