C- Cranberry Tea from Colombo



In January this year, a bunch of us took a girl’s trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was a much needed break – filled with everything a break should- great company, a lot of fun, good food and shopping.

We went to this lovely place- a shop and cafe called Barefoot. The place was a riot of colors. We weren’t allowed any photography inside but the cafe outside was gorgeous as well.








Barefoot’s got a whole bunch of interesting stuff- fabrics, linen , clothes , bags, books, and some super cute cloth stuffed toys like dinos and owls and it smells awesome.  But one of the things I loved was their collection of teas. A coffee addict , I’m game to trying anything once. So when I saw their range of flavoured teas,  I decided to get adventurous and check it out… In fact I picked up one particular box of tea bags just because I liked the brand name. It was called THE MORNING AFTER.

I’d tried mint and ginger, chamomile and basil flavoured teas before but not berry flavoured ones. So I picked up strawberry, apple and cinnamon,forest berries, raspberry and cranberry.

When I got back home, I opened up my tea loot and started trying them one by one. The apple and cinnamon smelled like I was baking an apple pie. Every evening, an hour after the kids are in bed, I stand in the balcony, enjoying my last cup of beverage for the day. it’s peaceful and my me time.  In the last month, it’s been the cranberry tea. I LOVED THE CRANBERRY TEA!!! It was tart and beautifully flavoured.

And here’s my last cup…  I just had it before writing this post this evening. 🙂

IMG_20160404_205510 (1)


So if you ever go to Sri Lanka, check out a little store called Barefoot. Do resist the temptation to buy the store out. And check out their flavoured teas. This recommendation comes from a coffee addict.

But I will say this.

For me, tea is good. Coffee is better. It is after all , my felix felicis. 🙂




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