A- April

A-Z of random thoughts and stories from my life, loves, food , family and books.


She sat in her balcony surrounded by her plants,

listening to the wind chimes, on a cool summer evening.

Tomorrow would be different. Tomorrow, would be a new start.

Tomorrow would be the first of April.

April for her was all about new beginnings. It always was. Right from childhood.

It was the end of the school year and the beginning of a two month holiday.

It was the New year according to the lunar Calendar which was celebrated with gusto in her family.

It was the beginning of summer.

It was when she got her first job.

It was when she met the love of her life.

It was when she got pregnant.

April has always heralded new changes. Tomorrow would be another one.

A decision to take the reins of her life back .

She’d lost herself.. somewhere between work, marriage and motherhood.

to the point that she didn’t recognize the person in the mirror.

To finally accept that despite her fabulous and blessed life

she wasn’t living it fully.

The restlessness had come calling.

And it insisted on being acknowledged.

and she had to pick up those reins.

to create a destiny that demanded to be based on choice.

Not going along with a flow.

And as usual it was in April

that change came calling and she went along.

Difference was.. She took charge.


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17 thoughts on “A- April

  1. For me, this April usually comes in December. That’s when I usually make changes in my life. Probably because of the old year going and new year coming. Probably also because of the fact that I have my birthday in January!
    I loved going through your post… such a natural flow of words…
    – Chicky @ http://www.mysteriouskaddu.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Found you on A to Z. Glad I did. Like the words you’ve penned down for A. Cheers to taking charge:) Enjoy the ride. LOVE your artwork …the colours and thewords, ‘today is the day.’


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