Looking ahead.
That’s all you got.
Looking ahead.
Because looking back would risk creating fresh stories in your head.
Of a rosiness that wasn’t there.
A fresh and beautiful perspective
of the past.
Because the present is just too much of reality.
But hope.
That emotion that refuses to be silenced.
That triggers a flickering flame in the heart when the mind is engulfed in the darkness.
That refuses to let you give up or give in.
That  forces you to acknowledge hidden depths in you.
Throws up reserves of strength when you thought you had no more.
That makes you truly believe that no matter what,
You will always be greater than your current situation.
And sometimes just that little bit
Is all that you need to take that next step forward.
And the next.
And the next.


5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Powerful poem, Maya. And trust me when I say this – in fact, ask anyone – i don’t enjoy reading poems. So if this kept my attention and compelled me to leave a comment,…well, that should explain 🙂
    Hope is sometimes that inspiration we need.

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