Six word stories.

I recently saw a  post on Facebook attributing a six word story to Ernest Hemmingway . Every time I read that, it does punch my mommy heart.


Marriage is the topic on my mind. In the last one year, there have been so many stories amongst friends and people I know as they struggle between creating identities amidst mid life crises or leave behind marriages that are not working, or looking for the spark that brought them together and maybe even the excitement…Some succeeded, some didn’t. We’ve all had our tough times. So if I had to attempt at writing six word stories…well here goes.

The silence. A marriage fallen apart.

Emptiness. Hollows where love once resided.

The abyss. Stuck in life’s routine.

Dreams. Internal fight against someone’s permission.

Equating money & freedom. Life’s lesson.

Marriage. Living the act of forgiveness.

Friendship. Watching your love marry another.

Discovering the depth of love. Motherhood.

Love. Soulmates. Never an easy journey.

Found my soulmate. Married to another.

Brings home the bacon. Screws colleague.

Routine. Organized home and dead marriage.

Secret trysts. Spicing up my marriage.

Years later. Kiss. Toes still tingle.

Life happened. Unbroken Spirit. Fuck You.


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