Oh, the hurt!!

So did you know that the human body has approximately 170 joints? How do you learn about all of them? How do you remember?

Well, you could read a book on orthopedics.

Or you could google it.

Or maybe.. just maybe.. you could go down the path I did- get viral arthritis.

Bone breaking fever. One that takes the joints a few months to recover from.

You’d be aware of every joint that you have… every bone that you have.

You’ll learn which joints you use for what movements…

And how important all those tiny joints in your hands and feet are. (Very)

When you read about it, you get to know that the inflammation is part autoimmune.

So you’ve just got to request the hell out of your immune system to stop attacking you.

The viral infection- the main enemy is gone.

But apparently holding identification up doesn’t help.

The immune system seems to be having a psychotic episode and harming the one thing that it’s supposed to protect- ME!


One option was to subdue the immune system with steroids- which of course came with its own set of side effects.

You try it for a bit.. and the pain.. it goes away. But you don’t feel good putting strong stuff like that in your system

And then I had enough. The only way to combat this was to get seriously fit- eat healthy, eat clean, drink 3L of water a day and get enough sleep.

Seems easy enough. Except that change is hard. Change is tough. Even when you are in pain. Even when you know it’s the best for you.

I preferred reading to sleeping, coffee to water and while I mostly had healthy food, I didn’t want to think twice before I had any junk. I could operate on 2 hours of sleep. I was super mom. While my kids had fixed healthy routines, I was comfortable with crazy routines. I seemed invincible. At least to me and definitely to my kids.

That day, it hit pretty suddenly. It honestly felt like my body had just given up. And I was alone with the kids who were rather freaked out at the suddenness.

I remember a quote from Grey’s anatomy that spoke about trauma.


Being laid up in bed with every damn joint aching like hell and dependent on someone to help you move- it is a pretty convincing catalyst for change. I was lucky. I had support. Loving parents who turned up to help, a husband who really excelled at taking care and putting up with my rather crappy mood (well you’d be .. in that kind of pain) and kids who were on their best behavior, so they didn’t trouble me.

Small changes… big rewards. The joint inflammation would go away .. in a couple of months. But I didn’t want to be in that space again. It’s scary and it was my body giving me the warning of a lifetime.

It started me on my journey. To good health. To being fit for life. To clean eating. To exercising. My immune system seems to be channeling it’s inner Suppandi and is indeed very slow to catch on and it’s still attacking my joints. So exercising would hurt more. So I started with something that was in my hands- Food. After all the journey to being fit is 70% food and 30% exercise. Might as well start tackling the 70%.

They say you do something for 28 days and it becomes a habit. Given that I was dealing with habits that have been around a lot longer than my decision to change- I figured I needed a buffer- I took up a 100 days of clean eating. Starting with one meal in the first month while slowly increasing my consumption of fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. It’s going to be a month tomorrow- Day 30. And it’s been good so far. And it’s been tough.

Change .. maybe for the better…

But it hurts.

And it’s not easy. But then nobody said it would be.

5 thoughts on “Oh, the hurt!!

  1. Hugs. You will overcome this one ❤ Proud of you on making to the 30. Cheers. BTW you saved me from ordering a pizza today. Was in a super cranky mood and was hoping to shove my face in a pizza. But then I remembered your daily posts about clean eating. You are making a difference in my life ❤


  2. a tight hug to you {without hurting your joints} and I pray you get well soon. Stay strong and keep doing it …. clean eating is definitely a sure shot way to healthy body 🙂 Let us know when you are all better 😀


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