Of thoughts and directions

They flow

Faster than the fingers can keep up…

Constantly pushing boundaries

That one may not want to cross…

Annoyingly direct,

And then vague and ambiguous.

The thoughts that talk about your dreams,

Of things you’ve always wanted to do

The thoughts that are of things just a few miles out of your comfort zone,

The thoughts that question your motives…

The thoughts that are so honest that you just can’t be dishonest in reply…

The thoughts that can be so deliciously ambiguous, that they are actually comforting

There are thoughts that answer every doubt .. or just go ” Meh! You’re smart, you’ll figure it out along the way…”

And the thoughts that are incredibly crystal in clarity, that, you cannot feign ignorance…

Oh, ignoring helps for a while.. then life throws you a curve,

And those thoughts crystallize

In black and white,

No longer just a random energy in your head,

They force you to acknowledge their existence…

They force you to actually do something about it…

Because thoughts on paper become goals

And goals once truly set,

Push you in directions irrespective of whether you are ready.

Forces you to take responsibility,

Because you are never given a wish without the power to make it come true. (Thank you Richard Bach)

It feels like an adventure coming up.

Or maybe a life lesson.

Either way

Am set.

Am ready.

Bring it on!


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