Games of the Imagination

Motherhood is awesome, frustrating, hard, crazy , fulfilling and can drive you round the bend. But, one of the things I love about motherhood is hearing  the kids come up with wild stories and  made up games.

Forts are created and destroyed by aliens.

Barbie is the scientist who does many experiments.

Yum Yum restaurant serves exotic vegetarian stuff including vegetables that aliens bring from different galaxies.

M&Ms are super power pills. Hershey’s kisses are  “do homework” convince-rs.

Songs are belted out with made up lyrics especially on a Sunday when they wake up bright and early and the rest of the world is trying to grab a few extra hours of sleep.

Accents are imitated.

“Tattoos” of wild scribbles are drawn on arms and legs. Of course the wild scribbling has a story behind it always.

Walls are canvases of art work.

Papa is the prime candidate for guinea pig while putting kiddy nail polish, four pony tails and girly hats.

We are regularly fed healthy TASTY pretend food and junk food that is magic. It will not harm the body.

Cars come alive and have conversations.

My daughter has superpowers like Elsa from frozen. But she can also bring back spring and summer when she feels like it. It rains especially hard when she doesn’t want to go to school.

Pillow forts are built for reading… And my son pretends to be the cat in the hat to make my daughter laugh. Or he chases her around pretending to be a T-Rex.

Skyscrapers are  built and torn down to plant imaginary trees to make mother earth happy.

My husband and I end up being the pigs in a live angry birds game while they throw angry birds soft toys at our heads while we have to do the sound effects.

Jenga is used to build recycled skyscrapers.

Big fights dissolve into random games and big tears dry up into sunny smiles as funny stories are told.

When one whines about something being boring.. the other says  “Bore the bore.”

This was from this morning. Angry Kung Fu Pandas. It was an hour of sound effects, story telling and action.




The last half hour before they sleep, they spend talking to each other , telling the other about their day, made up stories, big discussions about what all they want to do during their holidays, about their friends, and his current fave topic- football. Couple of weeks back, my son tells my daughter that he loves being seven. When she asks why, he tells her “Because I can be a different person everyday.”

He planned to be THE HULK the next day.

Aaah! the absolute simple joys of childhood! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Games of the Imagination

  1. The angry Kung Fu pandas and the pigs in the Angry birds game are my favourite 😀 How adorable kids and their imaginary play can be. I hope that stays with them as they grow. Hey, maybe that’s what we writers do. Play with the words at our disposal 😉


  2. I am nodding vigorously and muttering ‘same pinch’ with every para. I love how you’ve captured the imagination and story telling. I pray that all our kids may keep the wonder and imagination even as they grow up. In the meanwhile, here’s to enjoying the present and recording some of it for posterity.
    I discovered your blog through Blog A Rhythm and look forward to staying in touch. Cheers!


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