Je Suis Charlie

Today, you should grieve

For something as simple as a cartoon could affect your  God .

For something as basic as an education makes you feel threatened.

For something as necessary as slipping on a condom to prevent life threatening STDs will wrack you with guilt

For you object to something fundamental as a choice of life partner based on your sexuality

For you feel threatened by the more than capable women in your family that you find it necessary to makes laws to subjugate them

For you don’t have a uterus but insist on having a say in abortion

For you oppose growth, free thinking

For you make war in the name of honor,

For you make choices based on skin color

For you kill innocence in the name of religion

For you set out to ruin societies in the name of a Supreme God.

Today you should grieve: You know why? Because you stand exposed. Because, you have no honor. Because all this has proved is that you have no relationship with God. You fear education because it will promote critical thinking which will question your stand on issues. Your self esteem is so weak that a simple cartoon threatens you. All you are is a power hungry close minded person with no sense of self, looking to belong somewhere, anywhere that you will do whatever it takes- hurt, maim kill, be a bigoted jackass if it gets you to feel good about yourself. Your game is POWER. So let’s just call it what it exactly is- A POWER PLAY. There’s nothing remotely religious or spiritual about it.

And you know why you will fail:

Because no matter how hard you try.. someone, somewhere will speak up using whatever medium available. Because for that person- silence won’t be an option anymore.


2 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie

  1. Well written my dear, well written! Echoed the sentiments of majority of us. Hope that same God that they are fighting in the name of also makes them see sense in all this senseless killing.


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