Over and out…

I thought of you today…


It was a bit of a weird day… and you popped into my head.

Maybe because over the last year I’ve been thinking of all the little loose ends and the lack of closure…

The random calls.

The laughter.

The jokes.

The teasing.

The friendship.

The complete lack of weirdness given how we actually met and connected.

The way you teased me when I fell in love with my man..

The way you held my hand through some tough times…

The  4:00 am calls.

The way you cared to cut through the BS straight to what mattered.

Then way we hurt each other…

Somehow apologies could never stick those broken pieces together..

The inevitable drifting apart…

The communication whittled down to a happy birthday and then.. none at all..

All that remains now are some fun memories of a splintered friendship that was once truly fabulous.

I thought of you today…

It was with a sense of affection for what was…

It didn’t bother me anymore.

And I can finally close the door

On a friendship that once mattered… but is no more.


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