Attitude of gratitude and conscious living

2014 was a tough year for me in many ways. I lost my grandmom, and honestly speaking .. spent quite a bit of time in a haze of confusion, grappling through some tough situations. All of which changed around my birthday… and clarity descended on me like a cloak of blessings.

Sometime in December, I came across this absolutely fabulous challenge and decided to take it up for 2015. It seemed to fit right in with my resolution of living in the moment and living consciously.

Week 1: Why start this challenge?

1. A Chaotic mind living in chaotic times, it’s hard not to become cynical. It is hard to see the good in the midst of  all the confusion and chaos. This world does not need any more cynical people and I sure as hell can do without that negativity.

2. 2014 was tough..but it got me to the point I needed to be. It laid the foundation for all the crazy things I will do in 2015. It strengthened me tremendously while showing me the fragility of relationships. It made me face things I didn’t want to, killed my fear and I am a better person for that. If I am grateful for anything, it is that.

3. My mom once asked me if I realized how blessed I am. Last year showed me how very easy it was to lose sight of that.

But mostly because…


And for that I am immensely grateful.


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