And the book reading begins….

This year, I start with Non- Fiction- What if? by Randall Munroe- “who apparently left NASA  and set up his hugely popular site XKCD ‘a web comic of romance, sarcasm, math and language’ which offers a witty take on the world of science and geeks.”


In the last year since my boy started Grade 1, I have answered more questions with regard to science and astronomy than any other subject under the sun.   Now when  the blurb on a book says it hilariously tackle questions like : If your cells suddenly lost the power to divide, how long would you survive? How dangerous is it, really, in a pool in a thunderstorm? If we hooked turbines to people exercising in gyms, how much power could we produce? What if everyone only had one soulmate? From what height would you need to drop a steak to ensure it was cooked by the time it reached the ground? What would happen if the moon went away?-Well, it seemed like a fab contender to start my 2015 with…

And aside from the fact that I feel I will thoroughly enjoy the book, it checks off the non- fiction bit in my 2015 reading challenge.

Happy reading folks!


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