Of to- do-lists and Challenges

So how many of you love lists? Me.. not so much! Mostly because while I love making them, I never do stick to them. I’m the type who will go to a grocery store with one list and come out with a whole bunch of other things.

But given all the tough challenges, I have laid out for myself this year, getting organised seems like a good idea.

Here are a few things I plan to do… well 10 things that I plan to do… none of these are resolutions. I’m thinking of it more in the lines of making it a  way of life…

  1. Get Organised- FOR REAL ( I can actually hear my husband laugh like a loon when he reads this one. Hey, i got a method to my madness, okay!)
  2. Focus on Health and getting fit. I’m actually going to try something simple.. something my father-in-law advised me to do years ago-  have dinner by 6 pm.
  3. With the kids having super interesting lives of their own and a certain level of independence… it’s time to put my entrepreneurial plans into action. [ See -taking care of myself.. and my two super active kids.. and one husband…my freelance stuff, the herb garden (oh.. i plan to start one too!!) , my reading list,  the hobbies. and now the entrepreneurial plans…etc.. etc.. getting organised seems like a real good idea, now.]
  4. Try one new dish every week… because I love cooking. We are starting with cookies tomorrow. Getting kids involved with baking is the sub plan. That they normally eat half the batter and my kitchen looks like a war zone afterwards- notwithstanding.
  5.  Be more grateful. It’s one of the reasons the 52 week gratitude challenge actually appealed me to. I’m actually doing it daily in a journal.
  6. Start my herb garden – yes get kids involved with this one too… Did you know that drinking water boiled with thyme is one of the best things for a congested chest? It actually works!
  7. Read all the books on the Franklin Library 100 Greatest Books of All Time List. Interspersed with all the other stuff I have to read, including my moonies.
  8. Travel more. Short trips. Long trips. Girls trips and at least one trip alone.
  9. Accept the fact that drivers on the roads will be annoying as hell and that doesn’t mean that I don’t drive.
  10. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Write a bucket list too. I was reading this article written by Amy Gigi Alexander on how she wrote an incredibly tough and challenging bucket list and used that to defeat the cancer, get healthy and tune her focus into living in the moment.

So much more to do. And I’ve just started. And I’m going to do everything I have got on that list.

Quoting from a book I am currently rereading- Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar- Cheryl Strayed.

“Let yourself be gutted. Let it open you. Start here.”


One thought on “Of to- do-lists and Challenges

  1. Oh I was nodding all along, have so many responses I don’t know where to start :). Point 1 and husband laughing like a loon – exact same situation here as well. Herb garden is a lovely idea – all the best! And keep blogging about how all of it is going, helps keep you accountable, speaking from experience :P.


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