2015- My Year of Living in the Moment.

2015 is my year.

I always tend to make few resolutions and for most part I manage to fulfill at least 70% (Good statistic that, don’t you think?) Last year, one big resolution I made and fulfilled was with respect to my children’s health. Living in Bangalore, there’s no dearth of allergens and my kids did a very good job of finding most of them. Every month, there was an instance of a tummy upset or asthma attack or of chest infections, visit to the doctors and of course, a course of antibiotics since the infections would lead to asthma attacks. End 2013, the doctor prescribed preventive asthma medication for both my kids for a year. I gave it to them for 10 days and decided that I wasn’t going to stuff their system with medication. We were going to fight it and we fought this battle with food- a change in diet.I spoke to the kids about food, discussed what their dishes contained and how it would benefit their bodies. Honestly, when I started this conversation, I wasn’t sure they would even listen. But they did and then  proceeded to ask a ton of questions. If you ever get to a place where you think you know everything, try spending sometime with a 6-year-old and his list of questions. It will cut you down to size (Sigh!). Increased intake of the healthy food that they liked and anything they didn’t like was hidden in the rotis. Foods with preservatives, additives and color were reduced significantly, if not totally stopped. The end result: I made it through 2014 without a single instance of having to give the kids antibiotics, the asthma attacks were fewer and allergy season significantly reduced from 12 months to a single month –  December. So many things to be grateful for … but for 2014, this would top my list. In 2015, food as medicine will continue, adding yoga, sport, swimming and dance to their list of activities.

This year, unlike the others, I decided to make a huge bunch of resolutions.  Getting back to blogging was one of them.  So there’s going to be a lot of activity on this blog – 52 week gratitude challenge, food challenges, photo challenges, etc. It’s also the year where I will be making significant changes in my life, travelling a lot more and exploring a lot more. Yep, this blog is going to see quite a bit of action! 😀

I am so looking forward to this year. It’s going to be challenging and it holds so much excitement in store. The big resolution this year for me is to live in the moment. Quieting the voices in my head will definitely be a challenge and not letting every thought in my head stroll out of my mouth will be another. 😀

Here’s wishing all you wonderful people a very happy and fabulous 2015! May it be everything you wished for and more!




6 thoughts on “2015- My Year of Living in the Moment.

  1. Love the fact that you decided to take charge and the beautiful kiddos responded well to it.
    God bless you guys.
    Looking forward to the 50 weeks of awesomeness on your blog.


  2. Would love to hear more details about the changes in food Maya, so great that you saw a significant improvement in their health! Here’s to good health and keeping all your resolutions in 2015 🙂


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