its beginning to feel like Christmas….

I don’t celebrate Christmas.. at least not since I’d left boarding school. But there are little things that have started to come back every December ever since Sonu started school. Carols being the major one… slowly there’s a lot of Jim Reeves playing in the house.. yes I know there are a lot of other’s who’ve sung Christmas Carols including Michael Buble (who’s very cute) but somehow Jim Reeves remains a favourite.  Funny thing- the kids seem to prefer him too… that is in addition to this one..

And here’s one of my fave scene’s from that movie…


Yeah well, I’m a huge romantic at heart!


2 thoughts on “its beginning to feel like Christmas….

  1. I love the festive feeling of Christmas and New Years and Diwali!! The songs make it so much more alive. We have been listening to a lot of carols and songs these days and like all of them. We saw “Love Actually” just a few days back on tv. It is such a cute light movie. This song is one of my fave’s too, such a peppy nbr. Thanks for bringing a smile on my face 🙂


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