Of illnesses, mom, Friends, ‘pregnancy brain’ and Calvin…

I had a weird day today… My son and I were running a fever, the man is out of town and I was too sick to take my little one to school… My silver lining was in the Shatabdi train to Bangalore and all the three of us were waiting for ” Amme” to get here.

It really doesn’t matter how old you grow, the moment you’re ill, the only person you need is your mother.  I managed till amma got home, coz the moment I saw her, I just  crashed..

My pregnant friend A  was sweet enough to come with me  and my son to the doc tonight.  She drove while Dhruv and I sat in the back seat. After getting the med prescription from the doc, A got the car and I put my son in the back seat and headed to collect the meds from the pharmacy only to turn around to find the car missing… I got a panicky call two minutes later from A who was wondering where I was… She apparently thought I’d gotten in and driven off.. and realisation that she’d left me behind dawned when she wondered why she was having a one sided conversation 😀  Its wonderful to have friend like A around. Even on super weird days, she makes you laugh!

Now the kids are in bed and I get this from my sis in law. Made me burst out laughing.


So today- I’m grateful-

For Amma who’s always been there when I’ve needed her

For a three year old daughter who gave me loads to pretend ” Dawai” , hugs and kisses and kept her naughty side in check till Ammagot home

For friends like A  who’ll make you laugh and will drive you to a doc and J who called through the day to check if I needed any help or drops off meds at your house even though she lives a good 10-12 kms in the opposite direction.

For my father and my husband who kept calling to check on me…

and for my sis in law who always manages to put a smile on my face!

Yup, sure I was sick, and I felt even worse seeing my boy sick…

But as I sign off right now- exhausted and feverish-

I have a little glow in my heart.


13 thoughts on “Of illnesses, mom, Friends, ‘pregnancy brain’ and Calvin…

  1. Awww, get well soon and girl friends and mommies are the best for sick days… happy days as well 🙂 A big flying kiss for you. What? I don’t want the sick bugs to pass on to me you see so only flying kiss for now 😛 That’s what N does when I am sick and he is not!! 🙂


  2. I have been following your blog for a week now and I must say, u have me hooked. Very very enjoyable space indeed. Hoping to get more and more to read in the days to come. And do get well soon and take care of the lil one asap.
    Am adding your page in my blogroll.

    Keep writing


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