Dr Seuss and then some more…

I’ve been reading so much of Dr. Seuss off late. And there’s just so much of wisdom in children’s literature… and yea in my opinion there’s much more wisdom in Calvin and Hobbes than there is in New Age spiritualism. C&H is my go to when I’m low.

That aside, here’s something that’s been floating on Facebook..5-lessons-in-life-from-dr-seuss-26600

Now sit back and imagine what this world would be like.. if all the people understood and followed this.

I’d like my kids to read and live the essence of Rudyard Kipling’s IF and someday take Ted Hughes advice on the Universal Inner Child. 


But most of all, I’m going to be reading and rereading Dr. Seuss to them… because if that wisdom sinks in  at a tender age, me thinks they’re set for life…


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