The Masterchef Effect

So the kids are down with cough and cold and didn’t go to school today.  Of course they were going nuts at home… and conversations were peppered every two seconds with- “I want to do something else, mamma.”

Finally, I put them in their room and asked them to come up with their own games.- get creative, do what you want.. play a pretend game

Five minutes later, Mishti’s Kitchen with its little stove and sink and stands was assembled and the kids came to tell me their game.

They were playing restaurant!!!!

Both were chefs!!

The entree ( or as my son put it: that thing you eat first)- Fench Fies or something with aaloo that mamma likes

The main course: Fied ice, paata from Mishti and Fat rotis ( my son’s version of tandoori) and corn subzi

Dessert: Pumpkin Halwa was initially suggested but one look at mamma’s face they immediately changed it to chockate cake and carrot halwa.

Ten minutes later, big fight erupts. I ran to check what was happening. They were fighting over who was supposed to do the dishes since both were chefs.  I explained that even in the biggest restaurants chefs sometimes wash their own dishes. So they did.

Five minutes later another bout of screaming happened

“So what now?” I ask

Sonu says, “I washed all these dishes and now Mishti’s putting them back into the sink.”

to which Mishti shrugs and says, “Bhaiya not clean popely. I do it”

SIGH!!!!! What happened to the ‘pretend’ part of it?


6 thoughts on “The Masterchef Effect

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