A thank you every day

Amma always told me that I was blessed and all I ever needed was to say Thank you.

I realise I don’t say it often enough.

Today while dealing with a sick child, school drop, work, household chores.. I felt spent and emotionally drained. I mean seriously, why do kids fall ill the moment papa goes on a business trip?

In the midst of that pity trip, I logged onto pinterest and found this: I’ve read it before but it affected me a lot more when I read this today

They say that the shortest story ever was written by a young Ernest Hemingway and consisted of just 6 words.


If I was emotional before, I felt a little wretched after I read this..

So here goes,

Thank you for the man I love to annoy

Thank you for those little souls I’ve been blessed with

Thank you for the voices asking me a million questions.. I sometimes hear WHY? in my sleep

Thank you for little arms hugging me tight

Thank you for the “I vove oos”

Thank you for my awesome parents  and sibling who love me unconditionally

Thank you for the little joys, friends, family, music and all those immense blessings

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! thank you!!!

Anyway here’s something that really made me laugh out loud today:




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