Baby Boy mine…

So marathon blogging it is. Monika Manchanda had a brainwave of writing a post a day in December… she shared on FB and before she could think another thought… a whole bunch of us had joined right in.So here we are


Baby boy mine,

You’ve just turned five. Yes FIVE!!! That’s five years of joy, countless moments that overwhelmed me…

They say a soul chooses its parents. So in addition to applauding your superb taste- May I just say- Thank you. It’s been been a wonderful five years. You bore the brunt of my learning curve as a mom. You’ve taught me so many things. It’s been loads of fun growing up again with you. I can’t believe you’re five and you’ve grown up so fast.

So many things I’d like to tell you. You brighten up my day with your logical mind. Yes, it feels like I’m living with Unni maama again. You always seem to be coming up with things..The other day you told me your bath water was “luke cold”  and when I asked you what you meant,  you just said ” when lukewarm water is not warm enough” or the time you asked me what a cyclone was- I explained it to you and when you little sister asked you, ” was cyclone” you said… “Oh, its just a whirlpool in the wind”.

Your frustrations with the women and girls in your life seems to be finding a voice in various ways. One day you refused to go to school because there were not enough boys in your class and “those girls just don’t listen.” Your papa had a hearty laugh and told you that if you ever did figure out a way to make the girls listen to let him know. Here’s another example…


You’ve picked up your reading habit again over the last year and half and its absolutely wonderful to see you read  Dr. Seuss to your little sister. Me, I can probably recite “hand hand fingers thumb” in my sleep given the number of times we read it. I’m going to give you a piece of  advice and as you grow you’ll find that mamma does a lot of that- Don’t ever give up reading. Some of the best journeys I have taken are through the pages of a book.  Some days you sit with your nose immersed in a book tuning the world out and and I feel irrationally proud.

But what made me feel like I’m doing a decent job as a mother- your caring attitude. Yes, in the house you and Mishti drive me insane with all the fighting and arguing and generally bugging  each other.. but the moment you’re outside the house you’re her big brother. We’d gone for a diwali party and as you headed out with your bunch of friends, you turned to me in the lift and said,

“Mamma, I’m going to play with my friends so please keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t go near the crackers. Okay?”

Melted my heart right there…

You were trying to teach Mishti to play hide and seek- one that you recently mastered. Mishti hides and when you ask aloud “where is mishti?” She either starts laughing out loud or says “I’m not there” and despite constantly explaining it her.. you just gave up and indulged her. Here’s a pic of the both of you hiding when mamma was the seeker. When I asked you “why there?”  you said, ” she wanted me to hide here and I didn’t want to make her sad. ”


There are just so many more things I want to tell you.. write in detail about all those heart melting moments…but for now I’m just going to say- I just love being your mom and I’m so waiting to see what this year with you brings..

Happy birthday lil boy!!

love loads,



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