And I’m back… yes.. AGAIN!! :D

So the Crabby Mommy left a comment on the blog and which reminded me that I have a blog and I haven’t written in a long while.

I’m been  on a decluttering binge ( not that my husband would agree!). So yesterday I decided to delete a load of nonsense forwards from my inbox when I came across this- Mishti’s first birthday invite that I wrote when I was feeling all super emotional that my baby was turning one!!!!

Today, we celebrate.

A year.

Of incredible joy.

Of Accomplishments.

Of moments we doubted our sanity.

Of Moments of absolute pleasure.

Of Survival -of sleepless nights, insanity, dirty diapers,  teething and then biting 

Of wide eyed wonder when one child talked and another crawled

Of elation -a second time – on hearing the words ‘Amma’ and Pappa’ from a baby

Of one where we learnt the real meaning of the word balance

Of watching changing eye color,

Of ‘heart bursting with emotion’ moments- when a little boy was protective of his sister, when he was a lil insecure, when he was super affectionate and when he turned around and told his mother – Mishti sundar hain

Of  learning what a tantrum thrown by a two year old really was like

Of seeing one child off to school and another stand up…

Of all the heartaches that only a parent would ever experience.

Of immense gratitude for the mischievous souls we were blessed with

Of learnings- we had to go back to the drawing board where parenting was concerned

Of discoveries: the length of our tempers, the breadth of our patience and the depth of our love


We celebrate a year of being parents to two absolutely awesome kids. 


Our baby girl turns one on Wednesday.


Today we celebrate

our family.

Next month my baby girl turns three.  Time goes by… too fast…


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