HOLD thy tongue!

So this is true in our house. Esp since small ears seem to hear things they shouldn’t… I remember the first time my son said F**K, he was two.  I was absolutely stunned till I realised he actually wanted a FORK!  The first time he said “Shit!” he was told very firmly that he was not to use that word. But there are times I forget this rule as I realised today…

While watching the IPL match:

Sonu: “Shit!”

Me: What did you say?

Sonu: “I told mishti to SIT”

Me: Oh! I heard something else….

Sonu: (Looking at me thoughtfully and figuring what I thought he’d said.) I didn’t say shit, mamma! You told me not to say it. I told Mishti to sit. SHIT is when someone gets out in cricket!

Damn! I need to learn how to swear in my head or better still- Stop Swearing!!!!

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