Rule the world?Hang on a sec!

I’m crazy about books… I collected books from childhood and every time we moved my dad would threaten to donate it all to a library. Now he’s glad he didn’t cause he’s got over two boxes of children’s books that he’s kept for my kids. My wise husband gave me a kindle for our anniversary since we were running out of place for books in the tiny Mumbai apartment. Two kids, one crazy man, household, work from home…. my days are busy. So I read at night with the intention of reading for half hour.. before I know it, its 4:00am and I’ve finished the book… its been the same story the whole of last week. God knows, i need some sleep… 




2 thoughts on “Rule the world?Hang on a sec!

  1. on one hand its good that ur back to reading, but do get some rest 🙂 else u’ll be zonked out…

    I’m back to reading, books [the paper kind :D] and so far have finished 2 this month.. yayy for me!


    • 🙂 I’m on a reading spree…its one of those phases i go thru.. it started in chennai.. I’m done with 6 books this week. Last night was the first I took a break and crashed. Well, I’ll be getting back to my normal average of 10 books a month soon… 🙂


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