Motherhood does make me wish I had an eidetic memory.My kids believe that I am a walking talking encyclopedia, that i have the answers to all the questions… aah… a phase i must enjoy before it gets to the Know it all phase of tweens and teens.

But these days the questions are non stop. No situation is exempt from questioning.

Let me give you an example…

So when we switched on the TV yesterday.. these questions flew

Who is that, mamma? Why does he look sad? Why is she crying? Who is this girl now? Is that a little boy? why is she carrying the little boy? why is she looking at that man like that? what story is the boy’s mamma telling him?  why is that man hugging the other man? why was he scared to sit next to this man? why is this man standing in the rain? why is he walking in the snow? isn’t it cold? where is he going? how did he get into the house? what is he eating? is he eating carrots? what is the girl eating? why is she crying? doesn’t she like her food?  what paper is he holding in his hand? why does he look sad seeing that paper? why is that fellow looking at her like that?  are they friends? so why doesn’t she look happy to see him?  why are we watching this sad, mamma?

Incase you are interested- it was a music channel playing


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