Talk about getting it right!

When Mishti was born, I called one of my fave uncles to give him the news.. and the first thing he said when he heard I had a baby girl was that ” E kochu ninne mariyada padipiikyum”( this baby will set you right”)

Almost 2.5 years later, i’m trying to get the little miss to go to sleep.. she ofcourse has other plans… I finally tucked her into bed and she wanted to get up again… completely knackered, I snapped “Oh for God’s sake, Go to sleep”… she gave me a serious look and said  Mamma, Say PEEESSSH!!!

I’m beginning to think my uncle was right!


One thought on “Talk about getting it right!

  1. My relatives have gone beyond that point. Last year my father told my mother, “I know I wanted that son of hers to show her what was what but I didn’t really expect *this*!”

    My entire extended clan agrees with him. 🙂

    Life is funny!


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