Republic day and other stuff

So every Republic day post 1997, I spend 5 minutes reminiscing about Jan 1997. Marching the Rajpath, being a right marker, fighting with the idiot lady NCC officers, being surrounded by people in defence, hearing their stories, bitching with friends…(Manu AB wherever you are, get in touch! Rakhi and I are on FB) Oh damn! they’re good memories.. except every time we went for the Rajpath practice the bus driver would blare music from Raja Hindustani. I still can’t stand those songs! Marching the Rajpath was a once in a lifetime experience that I’m super grateful for. I also don’t understand the patriotic fervor that people go through every Independence day and Republic day.  Its like people celebrating their love only on Valentine’s day! C’mon!

On a completely unrelated note,  my friend Paddy shared this on FB…

Grin! But ain’t that the truth!!!!



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